Gates are mysterious portals that started appearing all throughout the Multiverse, distorting space and time, and bridging people and places that would never meet together against their will. This lead to the destruction of many civilizations but also gave them resources they wouldn't of been able to get otherwise. Shamans of many realms came to the Gates and once sensing the immense ocean of souls stemming from the other side concluded that the gates not only connected to another realm but also went through the afterlife, Purgatory Limbo.

To close a gate one must take the singularity that appears on the original side and the singularity on the other side and destroy them simultaneously. The singularities distance between it and the portal varies but can be traced by following the distortions around the area. The singularity itself is usually a seemingly random item that relates to something both the two realms have in common. It can be a glowing rock for instance if both realms have rocks of a similar mineral or a bible if both realms have major religions. Once the singularities are destroyed the portals close but the damage done still remains.