Name - The sealed subjects name - Having more than one of the same card name in a deck increases the card values points by 25% for each additional card

Class - The sealed subjects race and class - All subjects are classified by their race and battle type aka a class. For example, Elven Mage.

Offence/Defense - The sealed subjects attack and defensive capabilities in numerical form. - When the card is placed in the front line you gain these attributes for yourself

Power - The seals energy - The seals total energy depends on the sealed subject and the card itself, basically it can vary. The power depletes when damaged or if the subject uses some abilities. when it hits 0 the card is relinquished.

Cost - How much of your spirit must be infused into the card in order to activate it - The total number of how much spirit is needed in order to summon the soul.

Abilities - The unique skills and attributes the sealed subject has that you can access - This box details the name, cost, and effects the ability has.